Mediums for Oil Painting

Posted: January 15, 2013 in art
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These are the mediums I use for Oil Painting. You may have your own preferences but this is a good starting point.

1) Cobalt drier- I use this to speed up drying time. One or two drops is all you need. Just mix it in your paint and you’re ready to go.

2) Oil of cloves- While you’re painting, you’ll want to keep the paint moist. Per one inch of paint, use one or two drops.

3) Turpentine- Use it while you work. It works as a paint thinner.

4) Linseed oil- Highly recommended as a painting medium. It’s best to use the better quality grades. Don’t skimp here.

5) Sun thickened oil or stand oil- These dry with a glossy finish. They’re good secondary mediums.

6) Retouch Varnish- I use this to bring back the gloss to dull spots on the painting when it’s done.

7) Mineral spirits- I use this for cleaning brushes only.

-Roz Abellera


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