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In this video, artist Tim Gagnon shows you how to use Liquin Medium to build layers in your oil painting. You can also use Liquin Medium to speed up drying time, because as you know sometimes it seems like it takes eons for an oil painting to dry.


Recently, I was asked by one of my artist friends “How do you keep from getting “artist’s block?” What inspires you to keep painting?”  He asked this because he had hit a wall in his art career. He felt he had no ideas left and similar to “writer’s block,” he had what he called “artist’s block.”

Having gone through this myself some time ago, I answered with what worked for me. I told him:

“Just paint. Stop thinking about coming up with the “hit” painting that will bring you fame or fortune. Get those things out of your head and do your art with none of these ulterior motives. Because the truth is, there are some artists who never make money. When you do a painting it may or may NOT sell. You have to be okay with that and just do it anyway out of pleasure. Do it because you want to express yourself.

If you’re out of ideas, just paint what’s around you in your immediate environment. Look at Van Gogh. When he did ‘Starry Night’ he just painted a scene that was right outside his window. He wasn’t thinking, “I’m going to make a painting that will go down in history for hundreds of years.” No. He looked outside his window and painted what he saw.

Also, if you’re hung up on what kind of artist you’re supposed to be, be it a: Realist, Expressionist, Impressionist, Surrealist, etc…just throw that out the window and explore a different style. No one says you have to live by any labels. Experiment.

This is my advice to any artist having artist’s block: Stop thinking about it too hard. Just have fun. Experiment. Express yourself. Just Paint!

-Roz Barron Abellera

Here’s a great short video of an explanation of what Abstract Art is. As far as my own art, I am starting to experiment with non representational abstract art. This is a big departure from an artist who used to strictly do realism. That’s what’s great about art, you can experiment and do anything you want.

-Roz Barron Abellera

This is a video of artist Brandon McConnell. What he does with spray paint is simply amazing. I like how he uses a paint knife to add details. He’s like the Bob Ross of spray paint. 🙂

-Roz Barron Abellera

From the album ‘10,000 Days’

Picasso is one of my favorite artists. I admire how he explored many different styles of art and he even created some of his own. My favorite painting of his is definitely ‘The Old Guitarist.’ What’s your favorite Picasso painting?


(Fleming, Arts & Ideas, 7th Edition 1986)

Paul Gauguin’s ‘Day of the God’ shows how the brilliant color of the impressionists can be adapted to make quiet, 2-dimensional decorative designs. In 1888 the mature Gauguin expressed his theory of the correspondence between natural form and artistic feeling when, during an outdoor painting session in Brittany, he interrogated and advised a young colleague, Paul Serusier in the following way: “How do you see that tree?…Is it quite green? Then put on green, the finest green on your palette; – and that shadow, is it blue? Don’t be afraid to paint as blue as possible.”

The process Gauguin recommended was that of synthesizing the facts of nature with the artist’s aesthetic- a hybrid of nature and the artist’s imagination. It was Gauguin’s philosophy and those of his associates that helped pave the way toward expressionism in modern art.

-Roz Barron Abellera