Paul Gauguin’s ‘Day of the God’

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(Fleming, Arts & Ideas, 7th Edition 1986)

Paul Gauguin’s ‘Day of the God’ shows how the brilliant color of the impressionists can be adapted to make quiet, 2-dimensional decorative designs. In 1888 the mature Gauguin expressed his theory of the correspondence between natural form and artistic feeling when, during an outdoor painting session in Brittany, he interrogated and advised a young colleague, Paul Serusier in the following way: “How do you see that tree?…Is it quite green? Then put on green, the finest green on your palette; – and that shadow, is it blue? Don’t be afraid to paint as blue as possible.”

The process Gauguin recommended was that of synthesizing the facts of nature with the artist’s aesthetic- a hybrid of nature and the artist’s imagination. It was Gauguin’s philosophy and those of his associates that helped pave the way toward expressionism in modern art.

-Roz Barron Abellera


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