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The Raven

This is ‘The Raven,’ a painting I did in 2008. It’s acrylic on a 20X16 canvas. It depicts a raven resting on a branch under the night sky. In the background is another raven resting on a tree.

I’m fascinated by ravens because I see them as misunderstood outcasts. These are really cool creatures but they get a bad rap simply because people are scared of the way they look. They get all kinds of underserved negative attention, myths, folklore-even being called evil which they are not.

To see this painting in detail, click here:

-Roz Abellera


The Lovers

This is my original painting done in 2008. It’s acrylic on canvas measuring 20X16. It’s two lovers at night underneath the moon and in between the clouds.

To see this painting in detail click here:

-Roz Barron Abellera

Here’s an awesome documentary about Pablo Picasso. It tells a lot about his masterpiece ‘Guernica,’ and the politics behind it. It also gives insight into this genius’s way of thinking. He was an interesting individual indeed and a pioneer of Modern Art.


Pablo Picasso went through many stages in his art career, reinventing himself and his style several times. This video is from late in his career.

What strikes me about this video is his childlike enthusiasm he has for his art after so many years of painting. His style at this stage was even childlike, and I mean that in a good way. It had a whimsical and upbeat quality and he had a more spontaneous process than a thought out one.

I think one is blessed to have that much passion for something going into the twilight of their career.