Interview with artist Ketti Peeva

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Interview with artist Ketti Peeva

Featured Artwork: Time Tribute to Dali and Pink Floyd

Ketti Peeva is from Bulgaria where she has lived all her life. In 1989 she started to paint orthodox icons using the egg-tempera technique. She spent long hours studying the old techniques and canons for painting the classical Byzantine icons.

Her icons always have been an interpretation of the original wooden icon or murals, mostly from Bulgarian monasteries and churches. Her icons were shown in exhibitions in Vienna, Prague and Berlin.

Starting in 2006 she decided to create digital art. Her current passion is acrylic paintings: landscapes,flowers,seascape abstract art- any theme that she finds interesting and emotional.

Ketti, how did you get started in art?

Painting and creating artworks is my hobby and I have always created different things. I started with the Orthodox Icons in 1990 and after several successful exhibitions I continued with acrylic paintings. In 2010 I started creating digital artworks by using Photoshop.

Interesting. Can you tell me about your influences?

First of all, my paintings were influenced by the old Bulgarian and Greek Orthodox Icons Painters. I am a great fan of Bob Ross and I watched his art painting lessons with great fun . All my other artworks are my own ideas and I don’t think they are influenced by any other great artist or style.

Right, it’s the goal of many great artists to find their own style. Can you tell me more about your style and technique?

In painting the Orthodox Icons I am applying the ancient tradition of Egg Tempera technique painted on wood. My other paintings are done on canvas with acrylic paints. My digital artworks are done by using Photoshop.

What drives your art? What inspires you to keep doing it?

The inspiration just comes and I start. The good mood, the nice season, the Christmas Holidays or somebody’s birthday may inspire me to start.

Tell me about your process. When creating art, do you go more for the feel or technique?

Both. I use the specific technique for the specific artwork, but I am creating my artworks driven by my imagination, inner feeling and mood.

And what do you hope to achieve with your art?

I am painting or creating digital artworks because I like to do that. Art is my hobby and my way to express my inner world.

Thank you very much for the interview Ketti and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

To see more of Ketti Peeva’s awesome work click here:

-Roz Barron Abellera

  1. Katrin says:

    She is a very great Person and Mom! She makes the best Art that comes from heart! Thank you for having you, and thanks Roz for great Interview!

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