Dream #3

Posted: January 17, 2014 in art, culture, painting, Uncategorized
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Dream #3

‘Dream #3’ Oil and Acrylic on 20 X16 Canvas.

Female figure against a deep blue backdrop, into the arms of sleep.

Someone once asked me “Why do you always paint nude women?” Well, first of all not all of my art is of nude women. Secondly, when I went to art school, drawing nude models was part of the curriculum. It wasn’t uncommon to have nude models come into class and we would have to draw them.

So now when I draw or paint nude figures it’s just an extension of the way I learned. It’s not coming from a perverted or pornographic point of view. The female body is a beautiful thing and that is what I’m expressing when I do paintings such as this.

There was no model for this one. This one came strictly from memory and features my favorite color, blue. This was done back in 2008.


–Roz Abellera
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