Jim Morrison

This is a painting of Jim Morrison from the legendary Rock band, The Doors.

Jim Morrison was one of the greatest singers and front men in Rock. The Doors introduced the world to their psychedelic Rock back in the late 1960’s. They sprang from the California Rock scene but they were different in that they brought a dark edge. This dark edge came from their lead singer, Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison went to film school and was a poet and with his powerful stage presence, brought a mystical element to the California Rock of The Doors. He had a powerful charisma that has not been seen before or since. He was the quintessential “tortured artist” and was like Dionysus in the flesh.

Sadly, the music didn’t last and he died from a drug overdose on July 3. 1971. But his music will live on forever in such hits as: Light My Fire, Touch Me, People Are Strange, The End, and many more.

This painting was done as a tribute to him and the colors used were to represent his charismatic and powerful presence.

To see this painting in detail click here:

–Roz Abellera


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