This abstract painting is called The Dance. With this painting, I tried to capture the movement and spontaneous feeling of dancing.

A friend of mine said that he can see the bodies dancing in the painting. But this wasn’t intentional on my part at all. It wasn’t my aim to represent figures. I was aiming for non representational art- art with no meaning;  just a feeling. I was having a Jackson Pollock moment.

The colors were splashed on wildly and spontaneously. I was feeling it- that same feeling you get of “letting go,” when you dance. The feeling of total freedom, of not having a care in the world. That energy. This was my intention: to capture that spirit on canvas.

I stuck to the colors of red, blue and yellow because they are known as the primary colors in art theory. I used them to represent that primal, almost sexual urge to want to move your body to music.

–Roz Abellera


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