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This is my pet turtle, Izzy, short for Isabelle. She is a mix of a Red-Eared Slider and a Yellow-Bellied Slider. The mixing of these two types of turtles is rare in nature, and in the wild they only have a 20% survival rate. However, in captivity they are not only prettier than the pure breds but also twice the size (because you know, hybrids are awesome). She is a rare gift indeed.

When I first got her she was the size of a silver dollar. She is now about the size of a dinner plate. She shows both personality traits of the two turtle species: Red-Eared Sliders are known to be fierce hunters and are very aggressive, while Yellow-Bellied Sliders are very docile. She is docile for the most part until you put a fish in her tank and the fierce hunting instincts of the Red-Eared Slider comes out.

Contrary to popular belief, aquatic turtles are not strictly vegetarian. They eat fish, pork , beef and especially love chicken. They are also a lot smarter than people give them credit for . She even responds to her name.

Izzy is actually very sweet and loves to sit on her dock soaking up the rays of her heat lamp. This is what she likes to do most of the time. She also loves to come up to you at the glass of her tank to say hello like in the second picture above.

She’s one of the best pets I’ve ever had.

-Roz Abellera


memoral day


I never wanted this blog to become a complaint fest, but sometimes you have to get things off your chest.

I always thought it was generally understood and agreed upon by the general populace that the left lane on a highway is for faster traffic and the right lane is for slower or traveling traffic.

It appears that not everyone knows this rule which is in fact a law in some states. Here in Florida, I drive on 1-95 all the time and there are people who always break this rule. Either they are ignorant to it or they simply don’t want to follow it.

But I wonder, why, oh why- even if you didn’t know the rule or it’s not a law in your state would you cut in front of someone you see going faster in the left lane (say about 70 to 80 mph) and slow down in front of them to 55-60 mph? Why? Whether you know it or not, you appear to be a horse’s behind when you do this.

Now I’m not berating my followers about this, I’m just putting it out there in Internet Land just in case someone ignorant to the rule runs across it and somehow this can wake them up. There’s still hope.

It’s just one of the little things that irks me while driving. (Arrghhh!)

-Roz Abellera






This is a quick sketch I did of Marilyn Monroe. It was done with pencil on wrinkled parchment paper to give it a vintage look.

To see a larger view, click here:

-Roz Abellera

At the risk of sounding anti-social….ah screw it, here it goes…

Has this ever happened to you? You go shopping at a store and when you go to park your car you see the parking lot is half empty. There is a group of cars parked in a bunch in one area of the lot and the rest of the parking lot is empty…and it’s a huge lot. So you figure, “I will park my car so it’s in the empty area away from the other cars.”  This will keep my car from being accidentally dinged or bumped into.

So when you come out of the store, lo and behold, what do you see? Out of this huge half empty parking lot where there’s plenty of room to park anywhere, and you parked in the empty area to purposely keep away from the other cars, someone has decided to park RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

Or have you ever gone to the movies with a date and you enter the theater to find that it’s empty except for you and your date? You think, “Cool, we can pick the best seat in here and have a little privacy.” Then a lone person comes in by himself and out of all the seats in this Super-Sized empty theater. EMPTY. Guess where he decides to sit?: RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

Mind you, these are real life situations that have actually happened. But the worse yet is when I went to the Atlanta Airport public bathroom. If you’ve ever been to the public bathrooms there you know that it is huge. I’m talking “hallway huge” and there is a long row of urinals and toilets.

So I go in to use one of the urinals and surprisingly the bathroom is empty except for me. It’s so quiet, you can hear a pin drop. That is until the Lone Guy comes in to use the bathroom too. And out of all the empty toilets, and rows of empty urinals in this ginormous EMPTY bathroom, which urinal does he decide to use? You guessed it, the one RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

And it seems the more you want some space, the more people come to take it away. You attract them like moths to a light bulb. Is it just me? Come on now, I’m not that special-  I’m short and I snore at night.

Is it too much to ask for privacy sometimes? Can’t a brother get some space? 🙂

-Roz Abellera