Left Lane- Fast Traffic; Right Lane- Slower Traffic?!

Posted: May 29, 2016 in lesson, life, Roz Abellera, Uncategorized, world
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I never wanted this blog to become a complaint fest, but sometimes you have to get things off your chest.

I always thought it was generally understood and agreed upon by the general populace that the left lane on a highway is for faster traffic and the right lane is for slower or traveling traffic.

It appears that not everyone knows this rule which is in fact a law in some states. Here in Florida, I drive on 1-95 all the time and there are people who always break this rule. Either they are ignorant to it or they simply don’t want to follow it.

But I wonder, why, oh why- even if you didn’t know the rule or it’s not a law in your state would you cut in front of someone you see going faster in the left lane (say about 70 to 80 mph) and slow down in front of them to 55-60 mph? Why? Whether you know it or not, you appear to be a horse’s behind when you do this.

Now I’m not berating my followers about this, I’m just putting it out there in Internet Land just in case someone ignorant to the rule runs across it and somehow this can wake them up. There’s still hope.

It’s just one of the little things that irks me while driving. (Arrghhh!)

-Roz Abellera





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