This is my other pet turtle named Grumpy. He was named that because he always looks mad. He’s still a baby so we also call him Baby Turty. As you can see he’s barely bigger than a quarter.

He’s a full blooded Red-Ear Slider, not a half breed like my other turtle Izzy. He has a different personality than Izzy- he’s more reclusive and anti-social. He doesn’t like to be picked up and will threaten to bite you if you get too close. This is typical aggressive behavior of male Red-Eared Sliders. He already hunts fish even at his young age.

He has his very own tank away from Izzy’s because he likes to be left alone. At one point, I was going to name him Marcellus Wallace after the mob boss in the movie Pulp Fiction because of his attitude, but my wife liked Grumpy better. But despite his attitude, he’s still a lot of fun to have.

-Roz Abellera


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