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Hurricane Matthew passed through the Flagler/Palm Coast area on October 7, 2016. My house is in  what they called the “evacuation area” due to its proximity towards the beach.

For multiple reasons, I couldn’t evacuate in time and had to stay.  My wife and I boarded up the windows and hoped for the best.

These pictures show the destruction that Hurricane Matthew left behind on my house. I have (had) a gigantic oak tree in my backyard and it along with several other trees were completely destroyed.  The trees obliterated one side of my porch.

Although this situation sucks, I feel very lucky that Hurricane Matthew veered east, away from Flagler on the 11th hour. Had it stayed on course with us closer to the eye, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this blog today -the hurricane had already killed hundreds in Haiti and was expected to do the same to Florida.

The hurricane has given me a new perspective on life and made me realize I was taking certain things for granted.

I’m so happy to be alive 🙂

-Roz Abellera






A pillar by my front door.


A giant branch from the big oak in my backyard.


Another giant branch from the big oak. See the wooden fence for size comparison.


Part of the broken roof on my porch.


Another view of the broken roof on the porch.


One of the biggest branches from the big oak.


Boarded up windows.


Bye bye sweet porch.


To see how Flagler Beach/Palm Coast is recovering from Hurricane Matthew go to