Outsourcing- A Closer Look

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Roz Abellera, Uncategorized, world
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The outsourcing of jobs to countries overseas has been a political issue for many years now and has been a major topic in this upcoming election. It came to my attention a few years back that many people don’t actually know the mechanics behind outsourcing and why American companies do it.

A few years back, I worked for a local paper here in Florida and I overheard a coworker talking to a credit card company on the phone. After she was done talking, she hung up the phone and said “I wish they would go back to their country,” obviously because the rep that she spoke to had a foreign accent. I had to correct her because the statement she made was plain ignorant and she sounded very uneducated (Um…they are in their own country). But it also made me wonder how many more people were just as ignorant about outsourcing.

Now let me start by saying that I do NOT support or believe in outsourcing. I think it’s destructive to the American economy. Also, as a Filipino/American I feel I have more of a reason to dislike it than your average American. Here’s why.

I was born and raised in the USA but my roots and my ancestry are from the Philippines. One of the countries where jobs are outsourced to is the Philippines (A lot of call center reps that you talk to are either in India or the Philippines). American companies outsource jobs there because it’s cheaper to pay a worker overseas than a local worker. For example, a call center job here in America would pay maybe $10-$12 an hour where comparatively the same company might pay an overseas worker $1-$2 an hour. To me, this is pure exploitation and I don’t like it. It’s an example of a rich and wealthy corporation looking for cheap labor to exploit in order to make themselves richer. They can fatten their wallets by paying someone overseas something close to a slave wage. And I don’t buy into the notion that they are there to try to help this poor country or whatever other reason they may have. This is an example of corporate GREED, plain and simple.

From my American side, I dislike outsourcing just as much because by sending jobs overseas this leaves people in America without jobs. Without a job, a person is unable to support him or herself or their family financially. It’s horrible to see someone lose their job due to outsourcing. Some people who defend outsourcing say “yeah, but by outsourcing we can have cheaper products.” My thought on that is: What good is it to have cheaper products if no one has any jobs to buy them.

Outsourcing isn’t new, it had been going on to some degree for many decades but there were 2 events in American history that made it worse. First, was the implementation of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) by former president Bill Clinton, which he signed into law in 1994.

NAFTA is a colossal failure that has done catastrophic damage to the U.S. economy.  Here are some quick facts:

  • Before NAFTA the U.S. had a trade surplus with Mexico – now we have have a $97 billion trade DEFICIT!
  • 682,900 U.S. jobs have been lost due to NAFTA.

Second, was China’s entry into the World Trade Organization which was also supported by Bill Clinton. From this, all products made in China can be sold in the USA without tariffs. So products once produced in cities like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or Greenwood, South Carolina, is now produced in communist China or some other off-shore location and then sold back to the U.S. This is not trade—this is the destruction of the American economy!

Now I apologize if this looks like I’m pointing fingers at Bill Clinton and it offends you, that’s not my intention. I am simply stating facts. These are not opinions-these statistics are well documented. I would have pointed out the same thing if this was done by Abraham Lincoln. You can look up the history of the NAFTA and China’s entry into the WTO if you think I’m being politically biased.

Also, as I write this, the 2016 Election for president is tomorrow. And no, I am not trying to sway any votes to go either way for any particular candidate. I myself am neither Democrat or Republican so I have no dog in this race. I’m also old enough to know that no matter what you say about a candidate, a person is going to vote for he or she regardless. I can have evidence that a certain candidate is a part time serial killer or likes to pull wings off butterflies for fun and their supporters will vote for them regardless. So no, this is not my intention. Consider me politically neutral on this subject.

So basically, American jobs aren’t being taken away. They are being GIVEN away by greedy corporations. Also, these people don’t have to “go back to their country,” as this uneducated woman said. They are in their own country. It’s these companies that are going to these foreign countries and offering jobs to people over there. These people aren’t hiring themselves.

Some politicians are also partly to blame for this outsourcing problem because some of them are in cahoots with these greedy corporations and getting trade agreements signed into law that are no good for the American economy and the people.

I am just setting the record straight  because outsourcing has been one of the major subjects during this election. So it reminded me of when I had to correct this woman and tell her that if she was going to say something ignorant to at least get her facts right.


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