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I haven’t been on here for a while because I’ve been tending to my cat after work. Poor guy developed a pus filled abscess on his arm.

A couple of weeks ago we took him to the vet for a simple check up. They discovered a bump on his arm that we didn’t notice. It was about the size of a big gumball. The vet injected it and discovered it was filled with pus so they did emergency surgery. They drained the abscess of all the pus. Some of his muscle also had been eaten away. So he’s been walking around with an open wound that we had to clean 2 times a day.

He also had an overall infection as well so they gave him an antibiotic shot. We have no idea how he got the infection which caused this abscess. He might have caught it from when he got into a cat fight with another cat a month ago. Or he might have caught it from the first vet he went to who might have used a dirty needle to vaccinate him. We have no proof of this, we just suspect it.

Anyway, he is healing fine. The wound has scabbed over and the swelling is going down. I didn’t want to take pictures until the wound scabbed over because it looked pretty gross. His arm is still bald though, which looks pretty funny.