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These are my top 5 favorite artists who have influenced me to want to do art:

1) Pablo Picasso,  Born: October 25, 1881, Malaga, Spain, was one of the most influential artists/painters of the 20th century. To use an analogy, to me, he was like the Bruce Lee of visual arts in that he borrowed, mastered and mixed different styles to create his own-much like Bruce Lee did with Martial Arts. 

Picasso was important to me because at the time that I discovered him, I was hung up on what style of art I should do. Picasso showed me that as an artist, I don’t have to be pigeonholed within one style, I can explore and try anything I wanted. His career shows this philosophy in the way that he started out classically trained doing realistic paintings to doing strange abstracts and creating Cubism later in life. He was the prolific master.

More about Pablo Picasso:

2) Salvador Dali, Born: May 11, 1904, Figueres, Spain, was the most influential Surrealist Painter in art history. His signature style was to take realistic art and mix it in with dreamlike scenery. His famous painting, Persistence Of Memory  is a great example:


Persistence Of Memory depicts melting clocks against a barren landscape. This is just one example of the dreamlike worlds he created in his head.

Today, one can make scenes like this with a computer, but you have to remember, Dali did it with nothing more than his head, hands and heart. He was important to me because he showed that if you want to be technical, you don’t have to stick with plain and boring realism-you can create different, fantastic worlds with it.

More about Salvador Dali:

3) Vincent van Gogh, Born: March 30, 1853 Zundert, Netherlands, unfortunately is probably only famous to casuals for being the artist who cut off his ear and gave it to a woman at a brothel he frequented. Although to the history of art, he was much more than that. But he was a tortured artist who suffered from depression and mental illness and spent many of his last days in a mental hospital painting feverishly. Art was his obsession.

His paintings are known for its bold colors, bold lines and heavy brush strokes. Starry Night was arguably his most famous work:


To use an analogy, if we were talking about Rock music, Van Gogh was like the band Nirvana of his time. If you’re old enough to remember, when Nirvana came along, technical guitar solos with opera like vocals was the order of the day for Rock. Rock had become this technical type of music which required some great technical skill to play. Then Nirvana came along with a crude, raw sound that was based on “feeling” rather than being technical and they changed the face of music.

Van Gogh was the same as Nirvana in that during his time, realistic looking artwork was the call of the day and then he came along with his “crude” raw looking style based on feeling and emotion and made an impact. But unfortunately for him, he wasn’t popular and was often panned and ridiculed by critics . So much so, that he made little to no money as an artist while he was alive.  They saw his work as crude and talent less. I guess there is some justice in that his paintings today sell for millions of dollars.

The duality of van Gogh was that he was a tortured man who felt ugliness and pain in his inner world but brought grace and beauty  into the outer world through his art.  Unfortunately, he committed suicide at the age of 37.

Van Gogh was important to me because he showed that art can come from emotion and doesn’t have to be technically perfect. It can be used for pure expression.

More about Vincent Van Gogh:

4) Katsushika Hokusai, Born: Born: 1760, Edo, Japan.  He was a Japanese artist, painter and printmaker. He was known to use heavy lines and bold colors making his painting almost “cartoon-like” by today’s standards. He’s known to have influenced many Western painters, Van Gogh included. In fact you can see the heavy influence of his art in Van Gogh’s paintings. Hokusai’s most famous work is The Great Wave Off Kanagawa:


When I look at Hokusai’s work I think “style.” He wasn’t caught up in the academia of art and how things are “supposed to look.” Like in the picture of above, he didn’t follow any rules of how a wave is supposed to look in reality. He painted the waves his OWN personal way.

This is what he brings to the table. An artist should have his own personal style.

More about Katsushika Hokusai:

5) Whilce Portacio,  Born: July 8, 1963, Naval Station Sangley Point, Cavite City, Phillipines. He is a comic book writer and artist noted for his work on such titles as The Punisher, X-factor, X-men, Iron Man, Wetworks and Spawn. He was also one of the founders of Image Comics.

I was once a comic book nerd, still am to some degree, and when I first saw Whilce Portacio’s drawings I thought “wow.” There really is no other way to describe it other than that when he draws these comic book characters, they just look extra cool. When you see another comic book artist’s depiction of Spider Man or Wolverine, then look at Whilce’s version you see that his version has that “cool” factor about it. Check out his version of the X-men drawn in pencil:


Whilce Portacio is important to me because his art makes me want to pick up a pencil and just draw. His art sometimes tempts me to try my hand at doing graphic novels. Hmm?

More about Whilce Portacio here:

So these are my top 5. There are other artists that I love as well, but these are the main ones that had an impact on me. Check out their works and enjoy!

-Roz Abellera

In life, I’m not interested in competing or trying to be better than anyone. I only strive to create and become the best version of myself.

Become a better version of yourself.

-Roz Abellera


Kirk Hammett from the band Metallica talks about guitars and shows some of his cool electric guitars in his collection. He’s not only a great guitarist, but he’s one of the nicest and humblest guys you can ever meet.

-Roz Abellera


“You’ve Seen The Butcher”

Don’t wanna take it slow
I wanna take you home
And watch the world explode
From underneath your glow

Yea I wanna watch the way…
You creep across my skull…

You slowly enter
Cause you know my room
And then crawl your knees off
Before you shake my tomb

I wanna watch you close
I need to see for sure
And then the tape is on
Who do you think we can show?

I wanna watch the way…
You creep across my skull…

You slowly enter
Cause you know my room
And then crawl your knees off
Before you shake my tomb

You slowly enter
Cause you know my room
And then crawl your knees off
Before you shake my tomb

You enter slowly
You know my room
You crawl your knees off
And then you shake my tomb
I wanna watch the way…
You creep across my skull…

You slowly enter
Because you know my room
And then crawl your knees off
Before you shake my tomb

You enter slowly,
You know my room,
You crawl your knees off
And then u shake my tomb…



Like A Stone

On a cob web afternoon,
In a room full of emptiness
By a freeway I confess
I was lost in the pages of a book full of death;
Reading how we’ll die alone.
And if we’re good we’ll lay to rest,
Anywhere we want to go.

In your house I long to be;
Room by room patiently,
I’ll wait for you there like a stone.
I’ll wait for you there alone.

And on my deathbed I will pray to the gods and the angels,
Like a pagan to anyone who will take me to heaven;
To a place I recall, I was there so long ago.
The sky was bruised, the wine was bled, and there you led me on.

In your house I long to be;
Room by room, patiently,
I’ll wait for you there like a stone.
I’ll wait for you there alone, alone.

And on I read until the day was gone;
And I sat in regret of all the things I’ve done;
For all that I’ve blessed, and all that I’ve wronged.
In dreams until my death I will wander on.

In your house I long to be;
Room by room, patiently,
I’ll wait for you there like a stone.
I’ll wait for you there alone, alone.






Guitar and Video Games

How is it you feel?
I remember you at the top of my room
All these things we wondered how to hide
See how it works when
All the day long in a bottle of mud
All these fears we wondered how to hide with our love

How is it you feel when you run?
Ships won’t come in in a bottle of mud
All this time looking for love and
You want to find peace
But you find me

Mondrary fields where we run
See how it works with a bottle of rum
All this time hiding from death
And we want to be strong
But we find the true story
A tale
Writing itself as we sail
A story
A tale
Writing itself as we wail
Oh no

Never again my dear
Should we come dancing here
We’ll play guitar and video games

What if we refuse to follow the rules of fashion?
Tell me something you’d tell a fool
Ways to refuse to follow the rules of fashion

How is it you feel then?
Remember you in the top of my room
All these things remade me and caused
To be something grand

Never again shall we
Come dancing in the sea
We’ll play guitar for a new
We’ll play guitar and video games

-Sunny Day Real Estate


Pulp Fiction is a 1990’s Gangster movie by Quentin Tarantino. It is not only my favorite movie in the Gangster genre, but one of my favorite movies of all time out of any genre.  I consider it the best movie out of Tarantino’s body of work and I’ve watched it countless times.

In the film, the hitman Jules Winnfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson, recites a passage from the Bible right before he performs a hit. The passage he recites is Ezekial 25:17. These are some of the most intense scenes in movie history and Samuel L. Jackson’s spin on it is unforgettable.

I was asked  by an acquaintance to create something because he was a fan of the verse and this is what I came up with. It is in no way affiliated with Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino or Miramax films but if you like the verse, here you go.

–Roz Abellera


In this work, I took a 1959 Les Paul, which I believe are the Holy Grail of electric guitars, snapped an image and super imposed it onto a canvas with a digital cracked paint effect.

Let me make this perfectly clear, I suck at playing electric guitar. But I appreciate the beauty and artistry of the looks of a vintage electric guitar, especially Les Pauls.

-Roz Abellera


This abstract painting entitled Street Spirit, represents the feeling of the big city. In my lifetime I’ve lived in two big cities: Seattle and Las Vegas. There is a certain freedom and spontaneity that you feel when you’re in a big city and this painting captures that feeling for me.

–Roz Abellera



This abstract painting is called The Dance. With this painting, I tried to capture the movement and spontaneous feeling of dancing.

A friend of mine said that he can see the bodies dancing in the painting. But this wasn’t intentional on my part at all. It wasn’t my aim to represent figures. I was aiming for non representational art- art with no meaning;  just a feeling. I was having a Jackson Pollock moment.

The colors were splashed on wildly and spontaneously. I was feeling it- that same feeling you get of “letting go,” when you dance. The feeling of total freedom, of not having a care in the world. That energy. This was my intention: to capture that spirit on canvas.

I stuck to the colors of red, blue and yellow because they are known as the primary colors in art theory. I used them to represent that primal, almost sexual urge to want to move your body to music.

–Roz Abellera