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Introducing Pixie

Posted: February 14, 2018 in life, Roz Abellera, Uncategorized
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This is a picture of my outside cat taking a nap in my living room. I wanted to name him ‘Marcellus Wallace’ after the gangster from the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ but my wife had already named him ‘Pixie.’

She got the name because as she was looking for him outside one day, she said “Where’s my Pixie Bob?,” and he came running. So the name “Pixie” just stuck.




Cool Cat

Posted: February 8, 2018 in life, Roz Abellera, Uncategorized
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So this stray cat started hanging around my place. He begged for food one day so I fed him. Now he won’t go away. That’s okay, I decided to keep feeding him and let him hang out outside. He can be an outside cat.

I did notice that he is a kitten or a very young cat but he’s as big as a full grown cat. And although he is an orange tabby, he has spots on his back. Very unique looking.  I suspect that he’s mixed or a hybrid.