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….the debate still rages on: Is Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?





Every year in Flagler Beach they have the annual Pumpkin Patch at Cowart Farms. If you’re ever in this part of Florida you have to check it out. They have a petting zoo with live animals, tractor rides and food and games. The barbeque there is unbelievable. But the best thing about it is you get to pick your own pumpkins right out of their patch. This was a pumpkin that I picked out there. I think it stood out to me because of the unique stem that it has. I liked the way it curled.┬áThis is a study in watercolor I did before we turned her into pumpkin pie.

–Roz Abellera



The Raven Nevermore

20 X 16 Acrylic on canvas.

This was done for a friend’s Halloween theme party.

The raven at night under the purple moon.

The title of this painting was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s poem ‘The Raven,’ although the painting itself really has nothing to do with Poe’s story. But this was an homage to him.

Poe was like the Tim Burton of his time. He was a pioneer of Gothic and dark imagery and deserves this credit.

In this painting I experimented with dripping techniques to create the rain effect in the background.

-Roz Barron Abellera