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Here’s a list I found that pretty much sums it up. I would also add to the list: ‘The inability to adapt’ as another one. In my opinion, an artist has to be able to adapt and go with the flow because trends and things change all the time.  For example, if all you do is abstract art, what are you going to do if people stop buying that style? You’ll be a starving artist for sure.

This is why I hold Pablo Picasso to such a high regard. He explored and could do just about any style. He could go from wild abstract to realism at a drop of a hat. He was a master adaptor.

If you’re an artist, I think this list will help you in making better decisions for your career. I know I have to work on number 10 on this list, I need to learn that I can’t do everything and to take things day by day and a step at a time.

Anyway, paint on.