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…after she’s eaten 3 Crawdads and falls asleep from being full right in the middle of climbing up her ramp. It kind of reminds me of myself after Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. That’s why I had to share.



My pet aquatic turtle Isabelle, AKA Izzy, outgrew her basking dock. Turtles like to sit and bask under a heat lamp and soak up the rays, it’s good for their health. She got so big that her store-bought dock would sink halfway into the water every time she lay on it. So she could never get completely dry because of this; her head would get some rays but than her feet and legs would still be soaked.

The skin on her legs was getting irritated so I had to come up with a plan. I ran across this video on You Tube (see the video below) on how to make an above the tank basking dock. The basking dock rests on top of her tank and when she wants to get into the water, she just climbs down the ramp. This was a fun project that me and my wife worked on together. We used egg crate and zip ties and used the video for reference. Izzy loves it!


“What’choo lookin’ at!?”



“This is all mine.”



Queen Isabella



“A girl’s gotta get her sun.”



Izzy says “Hello” to Internet Land. She is super excited this 4th of July weekend because she gets to feast on craw dads while we feast on BBQ. Ahh, a turtle’s life. 🙂

-Roz Abellera

nu turt

Here’s Izzy basking on her dock, soaking up the rays of her heat lamp. I love how she spreads out her back feet and tucks her front feet into her shell when she basks.  She has that look on her face like “Okay, you can leave me alone now.” She’s so spoiled.

Basking all day with all the food you want. Now this is the life!

-Roz Abellera

This is my pet turtle, Izzy, short for Isabelle. She is a mix of a Red-Eared Slider and a Yellow-Bellied Slider. The mixing of these two types of turtles is rare in nature, and in the wild they only have a 20% survival rate. However, in captivity they are not only prettier than the pure breds but also twice the size (because you know, hybrids are awesome). She is a rare gift indeed.

When I first got her she was the size of a silver dollar. She is now about the size of a dinner plate. She shows both personality traits of the two turtle species: Red-Eared Sliders are known to be fierce hunters and are very aggressive, while Yellow-Bellied Sliders are very docile. She is docile for the most part until you put a fish in her tank and the fierce hunting instincts of the Red-Eared Slider comes out.

Contrary to popular belief, aquatic turtles are not strictly vegetarian. They eat fish, pork , beef and especially love chicken. They are also a lot smarter than people give them credit for . She even responds to her name.

Izzy is actually very sweet and loves to sit on her dock soaking up the rays of her heat lamp. This is what she likes to do most of the time. She also loves to come up to you at the glass of her tank to say hello like in the second picture above.

She’s one of the best pets I’ve ever had.

-Roz Abellera