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This is a fantastic quote by the legendary artist Salvador Dali. I think he is referring to the “rawness” and immediacy of drawing. There are no paint brushes to use tricks and techniques with. No spectrum of colors to splash around on the canvas. It’s just an artist, a pencil and a piece of paper.

I like to see an artist draw because this is how I can see their talent in raw form. This is how I can see how technically skilled they are with their hands. I liken it to taking a singer and putting them in front of a microphone with no effects, no reverb, no auto-tune.  You can hear if a singer is really talented if they can wow you with nothing but their voice and microphone.

Dali was right, a drawing is either good or bad. With drawing you’re not going to get away with splashing some color on a canvas and calling it “abstract.” You have to have some “chops.” The honesty of art.

This is why I love drawing. You get the whole truth and nothing but the truth.





This is some of the best advice I ever followed. Get rid of the anxiety of tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so why worry about it. Yesterday is worth nothing- the past is gone. You have no control over it. It’s okay to reflect on past good times but not okay to live in the past. You have to progress and move on.

So all we really have control over is the present moment. Live in the present moment. Right here, right now. It just makes life simpler and easier to manage.


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To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True.

This is a based off a famous line by William Shakespeare. It was done by taking a relic parchment design for the background and overlaying the writing in a classic Old English type style.

This quote means to always be true to yourself and the things you believe in. Live your life for yourself and do not let others try to influence you to do things you don’t want to do. A great piece to have on your wall for daily motivation.

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–Roz Abellera
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